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We are a bicultural family with Finnish and Persian backgrounds. We live some 6 km south of the Arctic Circle in the southern parts of the Finnish Lapland in the city of Rovaniemi -- next to a calm natural environment, forests and rivers. We have the pleasure of enjoying our rugged Lappish version of the serene and charming Finnish nature which offers in each season a special quality (though, that long Winter could be a little shorter, especially here in Lapland).

We enjoy an active social life and, frequently, find ourselves spending a major portion of our time with the varied company of our friends, relatives & colleagues -- chit-chatting, engaged in deep discussions until late at night, or just having plain fun. While we enjoy the cosy environment of our home & neighbourhood, we also spend a good deal of our time travelling around -- heading to participate in conferences and seminars, or on the way to visit friends and relatives, or driving off for a camping vacation -- sometimes all of these at the same time.

As a family, we have the privilige of sharing a holistic perspective on life -- a united vision of purposeful living, a committment to certain global ideals and and social values. Our worldview is founded upon the universal vision and world-embracing teachings put forth, more than a century ago, by Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892). His view of a united mankind is, today, embodied in the efforts of the worlwide Bahá'í community. Membership in the Bahá'í community has involved our family in a global process of social reconstruction. This has provided a unique opportunity to lead a meaningful and cosmopolitan life, taking interest and part in a variety of social issues and civic activities -- globally, regionally, nationally and locally.

This common ground has turned the challenge of our multicultural diversity into a social strength. Thus, we are now convinced that, through earnest effort and sincere consultation, it is possible to harness differences of culture, mentality and opinion for the enrichment of a common world view and to transcend such problems of diversity in pursuit of a goal oriented and future oriented life.

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