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Global Current Issues:
  • The United Nations Organization.
  • United Nations Commission on Global Governance.
  • The United Nations Reform Process.
  • CICC, International Criminal Court.
  • The Millennium Forum.
  • NGO Millennium events.
  • United Nations Human Rights Declaration (and related issues).
  • UNDP, United Nations Development Programme.
  • United Nations Foundation.
  • Database of World Problems and Issues.
  • Global Policy Forum, New York.
  • Unity of the Human Race, an exposition of our global future (by Shoghi Effendi).
  • The Promise of World Peace, a statement (by the Universal House of Justice).
  • Who is Writing the Future?, a statement (by the Bahá'í International Community).
  • The Prosperity of Humankind, a statement (by the Bahá'í International Community).
  • Turning Point for All Nations, a statement (by the Bahá'í International Community).
  • Policy statements by the Bahá'í International Community for various UN occasions.
  • Global issues as seen by the Club of Rome.
  • Global futures studies and related Web sites.
  • The Worldwatch Institute.
  • The EnviroLink network.
  • Curriculum for Global Education.
  • GD, Global Discourse, Joensuu (a Bahá'í student association).
  • GD, Global Discourse, Jyväskylä (a Bahá'í student association).
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