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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):
  • NGO Global Network.
  • Non-governmental organizations related to the UN.
  • NGOs and the United Nations (by Global Policy Forum, New York).
  • NGO Millenium events.
  • United Nations Foundation.
  • Bahá'í International Community and related Web sites.
  • OneWorld, NGO & agency network.
  • WWF, World Wildlife Fund.
  • The Worldwatch Institute.
  • WFSF, World Futures Studies Federation.
  • WFS, World Future Society.
  • The Club of Rome.
  • ISSS, International Society for the Systems Sciences.
  • REEF, Futures Studies Educational Network.
  • FSFS, Finnish Society for Futures Studies.
  • GD, Global Discourse, Joensuu (a Bahá'í student association).
  • GD, Global Discourse, Jyväskylä (a Bahá'í student association).
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